‘Abd al-Fattāḥ Abu Ghuddah on his teacher, al-Kawtharī

By Shaykh ‘Abd al-Fattāḥ Abu Ghuddah
Translated by Shaykh Ismā’īl Ibrāhīm Patel
Sheikh Abd ‘l-Fattah Abu Ghuddah said in 1394 A.H. (taken from Imdad ‘l-Fattah Bi-Asanid Wa-Marwiyyat ‘l-Sheikh `Abd ‘l-Fattah, p 656):

As for their attacks on me because I am al-Kawthari’s student… then I say that yes indeed I am the student of al-Kawthari (may Allah have mercy on him), just like I am the student of many other scholars apart from him (may Allah ahve mercy on them). I have studied under more than 100 scholars and praise is for Allah – in my city Aleppo, and in other places in the Levant, Makkah, Madinah, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Morocco, etc. So I have around 100 teachers. I studied by them and took knowledge from them. Each had his own method and rank. I have never adhered to the statements of any one of them just because he is my teacher. I have only adhered to what I consider correct and believe to be the truth and the preferred position. I may err, and I may be right in it, as is the affair of any student of knowledge.

So their claim that I adhere to everything what al-Kawthari says… is a patently incorrect claim. What refutes them are my footnotes and my many quotes in my books and the books I have researched and edited. They are in the public domain, as well as in the hands of these people who plot [against me]. They must have studied these books again and again so that they may come across some way by which they can throw their abuse and ill-manners on me. They haven’t found anything as such, therefore they have resorted to claim that I adhere  100% to al-Kawthari in everything that he says. They shove this [accusation] in every place [they go] just to kindle the fire…

The most evident proof refuting their slander is this: I have filled my books and footnotes with statements from Sheikh ‘l-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah and Imam Ibn ‘l-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on them); I have given service to some books of Ibn ‘l-Qayyim by publishing and researching them as previously mentioned; I have praised these two, defended them and mentioned them with respect dozens of times in my books, as previously mentioned. Sheikh al-Kawthari (may Allah have mercy on him, and may He forgive us and him) abandoned these two Imams as was his opinion and Ijtihad. If I adhered to everything he said, I too would have abandoned these two [scholars] and I would have followed him in this position of his regarding them (may Allah have mercy on these two). The reality is different from this.

I studied under one of my greatest teachers in Aleppo (may Allah have mercy on him). This Sheikh of mine used to love Ibn Taymiyyah so much that I have never seen anyone within the contemporaries love him as much as he did. He used to say: “If prophethood was not sealed off, then Ibn Taymiyyah would have been a prophet.”

I have not accepted this, nor have I accepted [al-Kawthari’s position].

Praise is due to Allah who has granted me justice, awe for the Imams and scholars, the ability to benefit from them and respect for them.

Praise is for Allah who has granted me the ability to distinguish between the acceptable and the rejected, by which I accept what I see – according to my understanding – to be acceptable, even if it comes from the lowest of people, and by which I leave what I see to be removed from acceptance even if it comes from any famous scholar greater than even Sheikh al-Kawthari… Only a bigot or an idiot would follow [a person] in all things.

Also, [these plotters against me] know from 25 years that I am a student of al-Kawthari, so [why is it that all of a sudden that this is brought to light]!?


One thought on “‘Abd al-Fattāḥ Abu Ghuddah on his teacher, al-Kawtharī

  1. Assalamu alaikum

    Ikhwan, are you aware of who this translator – Ismail Ibrahim patel really is? He is a vehemently anti Deobandi individual who posts under the pseudonym of Harris Hammam as you must have seen from the forum you got the quotes from. He has the aqida of the La-madhhabi wahhabi/Salafi of this age. This person is unreliable and has been refuted by Deobandi Mashaykh:





    Please do not promote him


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