Shaykh Bin Baz and Tasawwuf

By Mawlana Iqbal A’zami
Compiled by Mawlana Uwais Namazi

PS: The following has been taken from the Facebook page of Mawlana Uwais Namazi.

Moulana Iqbal was asked about Sh Bin Baz’s aversion towards Sufism. He said those scholars of Arabia were simple folk and sincere but since they had no direct contact with sufism, their monolithic statements are often conflated for an outright rejection of all forms of Sufism. This is not the case.

He then shared an heartwarming incident that manifested in front of his eyes. Sheikh Abu al-Hasan Ali al-Hasani al-Nadwi (aka Mol Ali Miyan) had come to Madina as a visiting professor. The sum of his lectures during this visit have been published in a work titled, “rabbaniyyah la rahbaaniyyah” (piety, not monasticism), a defence and introduction to Sufism of sorts.

Mol was given a room at the Marriot (I think that was the name), a five star hotel on behalf of the University.

Those acquainted with Mol will know he would never stay at hotels and would prefer to stay at Mosques, esp if there were Tableegh Jama’ts in attendance, or at friends’ houses. This was doubly the case with Madina, where he would say “how can this pauper come to the Prophet’s city and stay in a five star hotel!?”

At Madina, he would lodge at the Nur Wali family’s garden which had a couple of rooms they would rent out.

(The garden no longer exists and the Nur Wali family are descendants of Allamah Muhammad ibn Tahir Patni)

Be that as it may, Sh Bin Baz had offered to pick Mol up on his way to the University, saving Mol from hitching a ride or walking. From the moment Mol would sit in the car to the lecture hall, Sh Bin Baz would lambast sufism and speak of its ills.

Once the speakers had presented their lectures, it was customary for Sh Bin Baz to share a few remarks, either in favour or against. Yet after Moulana’s lectures he would stand up and comment, “this is Islam! This is the true understanding of din!”

May Allah have mercy upon our scholars.


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