Mawlana ‘Isa Mansuri: Saud Dynasty, Salafism and Meraj Rabbani

Summarised by Abu Salih Mu’adh Khan

What follows is a summary of an Urdu speech delivered by Mawlana ‘Isa Mansuri of London, UK. The speech is available in full on YouTube.

  1. Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi (RA) states that the worst role in Islamic history is played by the Arabs against the destruction of Ottoman Empire and betrayl of the Turks
  2. Our Ulamah e.g. Shaykh Sulaiman Nadwi ( RA), Mufti KIfayatullah (RA) and others said it in front of these CRIMINALS in the first Makkah conference that you BROKE the Ottoman Empire! The sons and daughters of these CRIMINALS have become rulers today???
  3. Have you read the history Shaykh Abdullah Phillby? He has clearly written how the British funded the Saudees and provided military aid and assistance. Above all he is written how British supoorted both the Shareef fraction and Al-Saud fraction and how much they were paid, weapons supplied…so both fractions were supported but eventually Al-Saud were favoured and the intial AGREEMENT and others that Al-Saud will remain loyal is still available
  4. Like we (Indians) talk about the bad behavior of British, the Arabs still teach bad behavior (and spread poison) against the Turks (to this day)
  5. These snakes like Meeraj Rabbani (the rabid culprit) blame Sayyids and say that Deoband and Nadwa is funded by Saudi regime! Bring one proof that EVEN ONE BRICK of Deoband or Nadwa is laid by the money of Saudees
  6. These snakes like Meeraj Rabbani (the rabid culprit) and ignormaous Salafees say that they follow Salaf! Salaf whom? When were the Salaf? How did Ibn Taymiyyah (RA) become Salaf! Your behavior is like Pharoah (Fir’aun) not like Salaf! You are a disgrace on the Salaf!
  7. You Salafees have a INDIGESTION PROBLEM! like someone eats and can’t digest…You can’t digest (Islamic text) and you say that Imam Shaf’ae (RA), Imam Abu Haneefa (RA) were not Master of Hadeeth???
  8. Being Salafi is a good thing but who is Salafi? Are you Salafi? Protestants are a branch of Christianity who claimed to access bible directly and Salafees access Qur”aan and Sunnah directly! A rabid hate-filled (Snake) Meeraj Rabban, the boot licker of Saudees, the back-biter, the Saudi rulers should stay away from them
  9. Slavery of USA has become the Madhab of Saudees. Yesterday they backed Afghan Jihad today they condemn Jihad in the same place? Prisons are filled with those who oppose torture driven regimes and the purpose of Saudees is to protect US backed interests
  10. Their princes roam around the world and gamble and commit Zina? Go to Dubai and see the place filled with Russian girls and on weekends cars and planes of Saudees come there on the weekend in their hunderds to commit Zina…Look at their oppression at the Hajees? Look at their Zina? Is there any limits to these (Saudi) regime? They treat poor Hajees like cattle?
  11. Saudees spend more on football then they spend on Hajees! And they claim to be servant to those who perform Hajj?
  12. Even today Saudees have a chance to reform, reform yourself and STOP having DOGS like Meeraj Rabbaniwho are spreading rabid hatred (against Taqleed and Ulamah) in the world
  13. The Islamic world needs to evaluate as to which pan (of the scale) they should put their weight into? An American newspaper wrote “Our most sincere and binding friend in the Muslim world is King Fahad! The example of Al-Saud is like of a DOG which is kept to gather the lamb to be slaughtered and for the last 40-50 these Al-Saud have played their role to perfection, they provide aid to poor Muslim countries and then sacrifice them at the alter of USA
  14. The role of the Saudees is to ENSLAVE the Islamic world to US Interest and as long as they (this Al-Saud family) are alive they will continue to enslave Muslims and sell Islamic interests to the US
  15. The Islamic world needs to wakeup and realise their role.
  16. Our Ulamah e.g. Shaykh Sulaiman Nadwi ( RA), Mufti KIfayatullah (RA) said to King Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud that you destroyed Ottoman Empire so let us do Bayah on your hands to become Khaleefa and you know what his response was? He said only speak to me about Hijaz and these areas! You know why? Because that was the agreement with the British and the Americans and that was the extent of his puppetry!
  17. What have these few Salafees done? They have divided the Ummah in the name of Madhab! On the backing of Petro-Dollars of Saudi regime…That is all these Salafees have achieved…Divided the Ummah in the name of Madhabs and destroyed unity…
  18. The most ignorant and racist land is Saudia. I lived there in 1971-1972 and if a Saudi hits your car then the Qadhi (Judge) will put you in jail and absolve the Saudi
    1. These IGNORAMUS rulers cannot even read the Qur’aan after looking at it
    2. The BEDOUINS don’t know Arabic
    3. There is no system, no justice, no humanity in their lands (against Non-Arabs) just rabid racism!
  19. May Allah (SWT) reward the Turks for preserving Islamic history otherwise these BARBARIANS have wiped the history of Islam and that of Sayyidina Rasul-ullah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).
    1. Where will the Muslims go to get a Eeman boost?
    2. In our lands (west) Priests have made Christianity into a parable (a story) with no historical facts so Saudees have tried to convert Islam into a historical fantasy by destorying history?
    3. Why can’t we visit Bad’r, Uhud and prophet;s birth place? If there is Bid’ah, Shirk then stop it why destory history? If someone has a problem with the hand, do you amputate the hand or do you treat it?
    4. And they have kept their own history! I have visited Buradiah and Najd and they have kept the first fort which was occupied by Al-Saud and the mud military outposts and so on

Sometimes its OTT but by and large a Masterpiece by well learned and respected Maulana for speaking the truth!

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