Important advices for all workers of Tabligh Jama’at

By Mawlana Ahmad Sadeck Desai

  • The Tablighi Jamaat is a Jamaat of Haqq which propagates the true teachings of Islam. As such, we advise and encourage people to join the Jamaat and participate in its activities.
  • Many Muslims throughout the world write to us about the Tablighi Jamaat. People who are not associated with any particular group, but who sincerely wish for self-reformation and Deeni guidance wish to know whether they should join the Tablighi Jamaat or the Jamaat-e-Islaami. Our advice invariably is for them to link up with the Tablighi Jamaat since we believe the Jamaat-e-Islaami of Maududi to be a deviated sect which has strayed from the Path of the Sunnah.
  • Join the Jamaat with the sole intention of islaah (self-reformation) and acquiring Deeni Ta’leem (instruction) in the basics of the Deen such as the Sunnat way of Wudhu, Salaat, etc. Do not enter the Jamaat with the understanding that you will be reforming others. Shaitaan will then deceive you. You will become swollen with pride, arrogance and a holier than thou attitude. Instead of acquiring self- reformation, you will then perpetually dwell in self-deception. If Allah Ta’ala wishes to extract service from any person, He will draw that person into the service of the Ummah. But, you the one who joins the Jamaat, do not enter with any fancy ideas. Consider yourself a spiritually diseased person entering a spiritual hospital.
  • If you contemplate going with the Jamaat for a few days or weeks, then make adequate arrangements at home. Never simply abandon the family on a misconceived understanding that Allah Ta’ala will take care of them. This ignorant attitude is not permissible because Allah Ta’ala has imposed the obligation of caring for the family on the head of the home. It is haraam for a man to strand his family on the mistaken belief that he is rendering service in the Path of Allah. Service in the Path of Allah does not advocate abandonment of obligations and casting others into difficulty.
  • When leaving home for any period, be it short or long, ensure, that there is a reliable mahram male to see to the needs of the family. It is haraam for a man to leave his wife and children in the care of a ghair mahram male who will have free access to his wife and daughters. Many people who join the Jamaat are guilty of this notorious and grave kabeerah sin.
  • It is haraam to leave the wife in charge of the shop while you are out in Tabligh. Your participation in the Tablighi Jamaat is meritorious, but your wife’s standing in the shop is haraam. It is haraam to commit a haraam act for the sake of a meritorious act.
  • Do not regard with scorn those who do not join the Tablighi Jamaat and those who do not sit in your bayaan. No one is under any Shar’i compulsion to sit in your talks or in your Kitaab-reading even though it is highly meritorious. When you feel affronted by those who do not sit in your bayaan or in Kitaab-reading, then understand that you have become arrogant and that you have adopted a holier than thou attitude and that shaitaan is manipulating you. When such an attitude develops in you, immediately arrest your nafs and caution it.
  • Adopt absolute humility. Think of yourself as a spiritually diseased person. Be concerned with your own islaah (reformation). When you, the layman, has been appointed to give a talk, then do not stand with chest puffed out and arms folded as if you are some ocean of knowledge with ignoramuses seated at your feet. Ignorant workers adopt such an arrogant attitude sometimes. When you have to speak in a bayaan then understand that you are the most insignificant entity or speck in Allah’s creation. Convince yourself that you are most unworthy of standing and speaking to a group of people and that you are doing so only because of instructions from your elders and superiors.
  • Neither make stupid and un-Islamic statements, nor entertain stupid thoughts such as: Those outside the Tablighi Jamaat are doomed. The methods of Tabligh of the Tablighi Jamaat are the only valid methods for this time. The Madaaris and the, Khaanqahs, have outlived their utility. Tablighi Jamaat methods are more beneficial than of those Ulama not associated with the Tablighi Jamaat, etc., etc. Such thoughts are evil whisperings of shaitaan who is ever diligent in his scheme of deflecting the people of Haqq.
  • If your wife and daughters are Purdah Nasheen (i.e. they observe Purdah; they remain at home; they do not wander around), then do not permit them to participate in Tablighi Jamaat activities. Join the Jamaat by all means and participate in its Deeni programmes. But, observe the limits of the Shariah. Transgression of the limits will deflect the people of Haqq from the Straight Path of the Sunnah. It is against shaitaani inroads which the Elders of the Jamaat should be ever diligent. It is a fatal blunder to misinterpret the advice and admonition of sincere of friends.



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